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On the cover of Volume 2 #4
Dominique Samyn-Werbrouck
New Mexico artist

Dominique is born in Flanders, Belgium, where she studied fine arts.  In 1989 she moves to the
Washington DC area and studied painting at the Corcoran College of Fine Arts.
From 1998 to 2001 she lived and worked in Lima, Peru.  During that time she painted the
“Galapagos Series” after a trip to the famous islands in Ecuador.
In 2002 she had a studio in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. There she
worked on the abstract paintings called “Noah Series” inspired by a toddler, Noah.
Since 2006 she has been working in her studio in New Mexico on her new contemporary paintings
called “Mustang Series”.and "Adobe Series"
She had numerous shows and awards in the DC area, Belgium and Peru.  Her art is in private and
corporate collections worldwide.

Artist Statement.
“I’m always looking for the unexpected, the surprise which makes you wonder”

“I work in series from events or places, which moved me.  Through scraping, layering, automatic
writing and reworking I go to a place beyond my control.  In the process I deliberately chose clashing
colors, shifting planes, trying to break all the rules.  I need the chaos first then order.  My main object
is to direct the viewer through constant discovery in my paintings.  Energy, color and surprise are
three main elements in my work.
Over the years I have accumulated a rich collection of symbols. Toys, games, fantastic creatures
and cheerful colors inspired by my grandson, Noah are still present. Organic forms from the
Galapagos Series are back.  

Since my move to New Mexico, and my stay in the desert, my pallet is warmer.  Roads, railways and
ghost towns made their entry.  Playful spirals have changed into snakes.  My horses, mule and
donkeys want to be in the picture too.
This big adventure brings me joy and hope for the future.  I want my paintings to be bold and

email  do.samyn@yahoo.com

505 424 1742
Photography by Josef Tornick