The following images are available as Limited edition Giclee Prints on paper up to 36 x 36 in .

Giclee mounted on wood 12 x 12 in. with top coat of high gloss resin  $ 295- 325 MOST POPULAR

Enhanced Giclee  on stretched canvas with UV filter, Satin Finish,  up to 36 x 36 inches.

All copy rights belong to the artist.
'Wind Dancer'
'Sunny Boy'
Enhanced Giclee on wood 12 x 12 in
and top coat of resin.
Enhanced Giclee on canvas.
up to 36 x 36 in.
Beau Dancer
Desert King
Fire Bird
Velvet and Blossom
Eye of the Storm
Mustang/ Turquoise
Passion Dance/ Spotty
'Angel and Fire'
'Before the Storm # 2'
'Coming Home'
'Across the River'
'Claire de Lune'
'Stable Mates # 8 left and right'
'Stable Mates # 11 left and right
'Emerald Lake'
'Hot Springs'
'La Bajada # 2
'Equus '